We are a group of artists who started their activities with the service of PERSONALIZED POSES. The growing success of this type of orders led us to the idea of creating this website, but now, for the artists at large, and allowed us to finance it.

From our own and other people’s experience, we know that, in many places,  painters and sculptors find it difficult to get good models who accept to pose nude for them. It may seem absurd, in the 21st century, but nudity is still a taboo for many people.

You can find lots of pictures of naked people in the Internet, of course, but almost all of them can be classified as pornographic and their quality is not sufficient for a painter (and even less for a sculptor, who needs to see the model from many different angles!). As for the few sites that specialize in nude photographs for artists, their pictures are usually not very inspirational and definitely too static.

It is from this personal need that we developed the project of model-hunting: we looked for them, wherever they are in the world, selected and portrayed them…. And that is how MYmodel was built, as a website made by and for artists, at the service of the world community of creators.

In the past few years, we have built a huge database of nude and special photos that are really inspiring, and we hope that our models will be the muses of many plastic artists, whatever their location and culture.

As any good project, ours is constantly developing and diversifying. Our objective is not an economical one – we simply aim at providing for our costs and develop further in order to keep contributing to the art world, with quality and at cost value.

MYmodel is the artists’ website… it shall keep on growing thanks to you, for you…